“…After meeting with Angy, I was impressed with her own personal experiences with competing in full Ironman events, and with the small group of athletes which she coached. Selecting Angy to coach me was the best decision I made in preparation for my first Ironman event!

Once Angy began coaching me, I felt like I had my own personal coach, with the individual attention she provides her athletes. I could count on her to post my weekly workouts on time over the weekend, and was impressed by how quickly she would respond to emails, and to my workout comments that I would post in Training Peaks. She is extremely thorough in the details she would post in my workouts, and response to changing the training pace based on her athletes. She would consistently go out of her way to meet to go over race strategy, critique my swim at the pool, or to provide input on my running form.

My first race with Angy coaching me, was the Houston Marathon, where I was hoping to achieve my first Boston qualifier. Even though I was 45 yrs of age at the time, this was the 4th marathon of my life. I believe the workouts Angy had scheduled had truly prepared me for this race, and resulted in a 3:18 time, versus the 3:25 qualifying time for my age. The thing that most impressed me was at mile 22, Angy popped out of the crowd, and briefly ran alongside to see how I was doing, and to motivate me to “kick it in” in a few miles! I have never heard of a coach being there for her athletes like that, and the inspiration during the race!

Finally, when my first Ironman event arrived in May 2012, I felt confident, and prepared as a result of the training and coaching from Angy! The swim went better than expected, I felt strong on the bike, and finished strong with a decent time! Once again, Angy was there alongside my family to congratulate me on my race!

I have met several training business and coaches in the past few years, and many of them come across as “businesses”. With Angy, she was a personal coach, a mentor, and was more like family…”



“As my first triathlon coach, Angy taught me an enormous amount about the sport.  Her knowledge, guidance, and patience with all aspects of training and nutrition, helped me get faster and more confident.  Angy encouraged me to push my limits and increase my race distances.  My first Olympic race was probably one of my all time favorites.  It was a fun distance and due to the proper training and nutrition, I raced and finished strong!”

-Lauri, Aloha Multisport athlete for 2 years.


“On Monday I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon. When I started working with Coach Angy I could barely swim one length of the pool or run one mile. Her constant support and encouragement made it possible for me to cross the finish line. My training plan has been challenging but seeing improvement makes it all worthwhile. When I started this triathlon journey it was inconceivable that I would reach this point but together we did it. I loved that Angy was there for me on Monday, before the race to calm me down, cheering me on during the race and there for me at the finish line. It meant so much and made me feel special on what was a very emotional day. Coach Angy you are amazing.”

-Mary, Aloha Multisport athlete for over 2 years.


“In December of 2014 I set a goal to complete my first Ironman 70.3 & signed up for the September 2015 Augusta 70.3 . It was quite a leap of faith to think I would be prepared as I could barely complete a 500 meter open water swim race. Before I hit the register button Coach Angy promised me I could do it and I would be able to swim, bike and run the distance even though I was at the time 53 years old, I had only raced two seasons and had just begun to race open water events.Thanks to her training plans and her one on one swim lessons not only could I swim the distance before race day but, I improved my swim time by 30 seconds per 100 meter. I showed up to the start line fit and ready. Since this was my first 70.3 my goal was to finish. However, as all triathletes will admit we always have our A goal in mind. I thought if everything went perfect I could finish in 7:30. I vastly underestimated the effect Coach Angy’s training would have on my race day performance. Not only did I finished but I smashed my A goal coming in at 6:58. To be honest I could have finished even faster but, it was raining a bit on the hilly bike course and I was extra careful plus since it was my first 70.3 I wanted to soak it all in and enjoy the day! I truly enjoyed every mile and most importantly my training was so spot on that there was not one moment where I thought I can’t do this another minute. I was in good form the entire race thanks to perfect taper plan. I am still in shock that I not only smashed my A goal but, I finished with a time that encouraged me to place a IM 140.6 on my bucket list thanks to training and support Coach Angy gave me.”


Professional multisport and single sport coaching. USAT Level II Endurance, USAT Youth & Junior, USA Cycling, and ASCA certified coach.