Getting back to training

States are getting ready (or have started) opening things back up in phases. With that check out the below article.

As you start to get back into full training, start back slowly. For most it has been over two months since being in a pool. Start back with about half the yardage you were swimming before and gradually build back up. Work on form (drills like fist, sail boat, finger tip drag, etc) and dryland. Stretch after your sessions.

Especially if you are returning to the your regular work environment incorporate some stress relieving methods such as mediation. Even a couples minutes can really help. Apps such as HeadSpace and Insight Timer are great for guided meditation.

Give yourself grace. These are weird times. Many races have been cancelled or postponed. Take the time to work on form. Everyone benefits from form work, beginner to pro.

Till next time. Happy training.